Manasija & ravanica monasteries, Resava cave, Veliki buk waterfall, Traditional Serbian lunch.


Lunch included

Weekend 3 days

Duration: 10- 12 hours

Departure: 09:00

Price: 59 euros

General terms:

Reservation : a day earlier
Minimum : 2 person
Price : Price is per person, payable in RSD at the exchange rate of the Bank Intesa
Children 2 – 12 years : 50% discount
Transpor to and from the apartment : available at extra charge of 5 euros per person
Guidance: Serbian and English (other languages on request)
The tours are not organized : New Year, Christmas, Easter and public holidays

Our tour starts from Studentski Trg and we head towards Pomorovlje District, known as the centre of the last Serbian Medieval Kingdom, where monasteries steel keep enormous cultural and historical legacy and wealth.

An hour and a half of our ride we’ll spend enjoying the colourful landscapes of this part of Serbia and hear stories about the turbulent history of the area.

Our first stop is Ravanica monastery.   It was the endowment of Prince Lazar.  Built during the period between 1375 and 1377, with its frescoes painted in the years preceding the Battle of Kosovo.

Due to its architectural and artistic features, the Ravanica church can be called the birthplace of the new artistic movement called the Morava school. The church is original in its architectural style, which is a blend of the Mount Athos tradition of the trefoil base and the cross-in-square five-domed model which became standard in the time of King Milutin.

In its frescoes, which have remained preserved in the apse and central interior portion of the church, certain innovations can be observed.  For example, patterns in the selection of themes and cycles (Major Festivals, the Passion of Christ, Miracles and Parables)  were to become standard in the painting of later Moravian Serbian churches.

We continue our ride to Manasija monastery.  Manasija monastery is one of the last monuments to Serbian mediaeval culture. The church was raised by Despot Stefan Lazarević, son of Prince Lazar. The construction of the church, an extravagant fortification and large refectory took from 1406 to 1418.

The impressive walls with 11 towers, surrounded by a trench, would at that time have been a modern system for the defence of the monastery. The most dominant and most imposing tower – the keep – is known as Despotova Kula (Despot’s Tower).

The Church of the Holy Trinity is considered a prime example of Morava architecture. A particular rarity in Serbian mediaeval architecture is the mosaic floor.

The frescoes in Manasija, together with those in Kalenić, are the most beautiful of the Morava properties and are considered among the best in old Serbian art in general. Besides the monumental depictions of warriors in the choir transept, especially beautiful are the prophets pictured in the dome, as well as the idealised depiction of Despot Stefan Lazarević presenting a model of the church to the Holy Trinity.

Besides monastery churches and fortifications, Manasija partially preserves the remains of the old refectory and library. The library housed a scriptorium in which numerous books were copied for church use. The so-called “Resava orthography” was greatly valued and was to influence later scribes for some time to come.

After this extraordinary experience, we will visit the Resava cave, one of the oldest in Serbia, some 80 million years old, with some of the older formations dating back around 45 million years.

The interior of the cave abounds in numerous and varied halls, channels, galleries, columns, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies and flowstone waterfalls.

Further on, we will enjoy a traditional Serbian lunch in a unique atmosphere, in a restaurant directly bellow the waterfall Veliki Buk.

After an unforgettable day, we will head back to Belgrade.


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